Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Christmas Card Holder

If you're anything like me, you LOVE getting Christmas cards each year.  So many times they include great photos & fun letters outlining what that family has been up to for the last 12 months.  I end up keeping them on display most of the year.  But when the year is up, I just hate to throw them away.  I mean - those are peoples' kids and pets and vacation memories - it seems wrong to throw them away. But as you can see, I'm running out of place to store them.  So, I've been saving them in a shoe box.  But then, Stampin' Up! came out with this new little 6"x8" Project Life Album and these awesome 6"x8" envelope pages, and it hit me that I could use these products to store my beloved photo cards & letters.  So, I ordered one 6"x8" Project Life album and 6 packs of envelope pages (there are two in each pack):

They arrived today!  So, I decided to dedicate one pocket page to each family that I regularly get cards from.  I put all of their past cards inside the envelope, then created a little note card for the front of the envelope (there's a pocket to slide it into).  The note card says the family name and explains how I know them.  See the photo below for my completed project & below the photo for some tips.

--Have FUN! with this project -- you can decorate the little card more than I did, using different stamps from your stash or different holiday papers.
--roughly 8-10 envelopes with photos will fit in the album comfortably - you'll want a little room to add photos and letters in the coming years.
--I decided I'm going to need a second album right away - so if you get more than 8-10 cards each year that you want to keep, you might just want to order a second album right away.

You can order these, and any other current Stampin' Up! products here.

Happy stamping!!!

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